Sunday, February 2, 2014

Color Therapy

I have been doing a little bit of drawing therapy!  Fun stuff!  And I do love it pretty much was a given where I was going with this.  

I haven't picked up a sketch book in years and it has really been on the back of my mind.  Actually I would like to do a painting.  But for now, this has been very satisfying and good for my brain!

I even did a little portrait of Phoebe.  LOL!  I actually use color crayons on this.  It was a lot of fun.  A couple of hours of time to myself and a box of crayons.  Y'all should give it a try!

Here is hoping to a great new week.  Have a physical this week, way past due for it.  So it will feel good to get that behind me.  

I have also started a pair of socks and hope to be sharing those with y'all very soon!  I about have one done.  Roast is in the oven, how is pretty much in order, so I am going to sit back and enjoy a little free time!

Stay inspired everyone!  


Pammy Sue said...

Why does it not surprise me that you can draw very well? I love both of the pictures, but you captured Phoebe perfectly! Those eyes of hers kill me.

Gramma Rita said...

Beautiful drawings! You are a very talented lady. I enjoy using crayons, but with "adult" coloring books. Amazon has a ton of them, of which I have bought a couple. Flowers, scenery, mandalas, all kinds of fun things to color. :) I also color in children's coloring books, with my granddaughter. :)

Unknown said...

Such beautiful drawings! The colors really pop in the first one, and the portrait of the dog is just amazing. Very inspiring!

Unknown said...

Very pretty! I love everything about them -- the drawings, the colors.

If you want to take a painting class or a fun evening event with friends, check out The Preppy Possum in Asheboro: Nikki is a very talented lady and offers group sessions in painting. Sounds like a really cool thing to do. I'd do it if I lived closer.

Kris said...

You are insanely talented!!
xo Kris

Jacquie said...

These are gorgeous Dawn.I especially love Phoebe's portrait.
Jacquie x