Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Passing the time...

Amazing how time slows down when you are laid up!  I am happy to report that I am healing up nicely.  I have two more weeks before I go back to the ortho, with directions to put no weight on my right leg.

With that being said, I will share a little bit of what I have been doing to pass the time.

I knit a cover for my cast, but as you can see, it didn't quite fit.  So these will be a pair of leg warmers when I finish the other.   Can you see how I banged my poor knees up when I fell?  They look so perty.

Some more squares.  Although I like these squares, I am not feeling it for a blanket.  Right now they are stacked up in my storage tote of yarn.  

Made a little granny square pocket to hold my scissors and what not.  It turned out cute!

Crocheted this cute little basket.  It's the perfect size to hold my rings in, and little stitch markers, which it am constantly losing!

Finished up a pair of socks!  Can't wait until I can wear both of them at the same time!

I have started a pair of knee socks!  I am doing an afterthought heel.  I am really likening this method of doing socks.  You really don't need a pattern.  It took a small lesson on how to go back and put the heel in, which isn't hard at all.  Unfortunately I discovered I dropped a stitch and am having to rip out all the way back to the heel to correct it.  I am okay with that, because I want them to be longer, I misjudged on the length, so now I can correct that too!  Love this yarn, it was gifted to me from a fellow knitter who heard I was laid up.  Knitters are the best-est!

Little Poebe has been right by my side, and I think she is happy to have some company during the daytime.  She is a bit fascinated by my cast, and when I get up she follows me almost as if she is making sure I don't fall and hurt myself.  

Isn't she sweet!  I started picking her up and letting her ride in the wheelchair with me.  She likes it!

I hope everyone is having a good week!  I am hoping for a good day tomorrow.  I am trying to use my crutches more and move about the house more.  Can't wait until I can use both legs again!



Unknown said...

Oh, my! You have kept yourself busy! I really like the socks and leg warmers. The colors and lengths are nice.

I'm glad you're doing ok. I hope and pray you'll heal up nicely. :-)

Linda said...

Wishing you a complete and speedy recovery. Your knitting and crocheting are just beautiful. You certainly have turned "lemons" into "lemonade"!

Unknown said...

I feel your pain...same happened to me but broke my hip. I have also been knitting socks to help the healing. Best wishes from Eco Ethel xx

Meredith said...

She is sweet and looking after her Mam, how cute! Wishing you a speedy recovery.