Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stuff I have been knitting

How cute are these!!!  There is a pattern on ravelry for these.  they are extremely easy and fast to knit up.  I had decided I wanted to work it up on double points so there is no seaming, just because that's how I roll.  I like that seamless look!!!

Here is the pattern I came up with.

Cast on 34 and slide your stitches onto three couple point needles.  

Round 1 - purl around
Round 2 - knit around
(Continue this until you have 12 rows or 6 garter stitch ridges.

Round 13 - knit 13, knit two together, knit 4, ssk, knit 13
Round 14 - knit 12' knit 2 together, knit 4, ssk, knit 12
(Continue this until you have 20 stitches)

Work 12 rounds of kn2, p2 ribbing.

Bind off and weave in.

Seam the opening on the sole of the Bootie.  

I used a size 6 needles for these booties.

I think they are so cute and easy.  It is my standard go to baby gift Bootie.  New mommies are always totally giddy getting these!!  You can easily whip up a pair of these within an evening.

Things are pretty quiet here.  I have been busy with some little projects around the house I want to get done before Fall.  Phoebe has had a rough week.  I think it is her back.  She seems to be feeling better now, but I am keeping my eye on her.  

She had a steroid shot because she was scratching so bad.  It does not agree with her at all!  Once we got home I noticed the thirst and the peeing.  She was not eating and she was panting some of the time.  Her appetite is now back and the pantng has stopped, but she is not jumping up onto the ottoman or sofa like she normally does.  I am keeping my watchful, protective eye on her!!!

Before I sign off let me share the cuffs Inhave been working on.

Pretty!!!  It is a freebie.  It is called Twisted!  I love the name!  
I love the buttons with the yarn!

It is the perfect little project for those pretty bits of sock yarn.  And of course awesome buttons!  

I have also been knitting some boot cuffs, but I will save those for another day.  

Bye for now!!


mamasmercantile said...

Just love those cute little baby bootees. The colours are a delight.

Meredith said...

Love the booties and the cuffs, so sorry your baby has been feeling poorly. Hugs to you, Meredith

deebriese said...

Love those booties..I also make that pattern quite often for charity. I would love to try them on double pointed needles I also hate to seam!

Unknown said...

Do you have anything to follow on how to make your snowpeople and their clothes?

Tita Carré said...

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Dawn. i haven't heard from you since September so am wondering if you and your family are all OK.
miss seeing your email come.

Pammy Sue said...

I miss you're blogging, Dawn! Hope all is well. Just thinking of you today as I'm trying a bit of knitting and I remember your pretty scarf that you knitted holding two strands of variegated yarns together. I'm trying it. We'll see...♥

Sandra said...

The baby boots are so beautiful and so is the dog!


Anonymous said...

Dawn, I have never commented before on a blog...just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your blog. Don't know if you are still planning to blog anymore....just wanted to tell you I appreciate all the nice pictures and projects you have written about. They always inspire me! Thank you!

Tom Hall said...

Those are real pleasant. There's something to be said about how colors and shapes can make clothing and accessories look comfortable. It's a matter of translating it visually, by literally weaving that kind of vibe into the fabric. Easier said than done, but it's worth it. Anyway, good job! I'm so glad to have that kind of stuff distributed throughout as many online platforms as possible. More power to you!

Tom Hall @ WCS Solutions