Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Squares!!

Sebrina's Blanket
What a wonderful weekend. Beautiful weather, relaxation, what more could we ask for? And I got to crochet! The squares for Sebrina's blanket are coming right along...and the more I do the more I like! This wool is so vibrant and so colorful!
Sebrina's Blanket - Close Up detail
This square is like looking at a rainbow. I have the larger squares done, and the 8 rounders done, and ready to begin the 6-round squares.

Lil' Phoebe enjoyed the weekend, too! She got a bath and got to run and play in the yard WITHOUT HER LEASH! Freedom!
Phoebe porch
Here she is all bathed and dried, and looking really cute out on the screened in porch!


Toni Becker said...

I love your colors!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. ♥

Did you see your etsy shop is a link on there??? Peace and many blessings. Toni

cade said...

This girl has more personality than most people I know!

thuy said...

your choice of colors is fabulous. what yarn are you using?

hello, phoebe!

Edeleth said...

good job with your work..
i made something too... take a look: http://shining-june.blogspot.com

renecia said...

Your dog has the cutest eyes in the world!!! hehehehe