Friday, October 23, 2009

Anyone Up For A Scrappy Challenge?

Here is some wise use of those odd bits of yarn that you just cannot bring yourself to throw away! Just the thought of throwing away little scraps of leftover yarn makes me cringe! I wind up those little bits into balls and store them in a basket.

Just look at what you can get with those scraps! Yes, I know, another scarf. Can't help it...what can I say...I LOVE scarves. They are like little works of art!! The fun thing is that I can look at each yarn and remember what it is leftover from!! Kind of like scrap quilts our grandmothers used to make with leftover fabric and recycled clothing.

Is anyone up for a scrappy challenge?? If you're game, here's what you do.

Use your scraps in a scarf. It can be knit or crochet. The catch, you cannot use the same yarn in the scarf twice. When you finish, send me a picture with a little description of your scarf. Email it to me at I will feature each scarf on my blog with a link to your blog!

Now we need to set a time it's due by. How about November 15th?

I thought this would be a great way to get some inspiration for all of use up those scraps!

Now, I am out of here for the weekend. I am going to Asheville with some knitting buddies to go to SAFF! The Southern Animal Fiber Fair. I cannot wait to check out all that handspun, hand dyed yarn! And add some of your girlfriends in the mix, it's even better!!!


Unknown said...

Goodness knows with three project currently in the works. I'm going to have some scrap stash left. I'm game...

The Garden Bell - Kate

Mary Grace McNamara said...

your scarf is gorgeous! My scraps are not quite as nice as your scraps, but putting them together into a scarf may just make all of them look a little nicer. I'm up for it! I need to clean out that shelf anyway!

Thanks for the motivation!


Just Be Happy said...

Simply awesome, Dawn!
Can I enter one that I have already made?
I am super busy these days with custom orders and trying to build inventory for the local fair next month.
have a great weekend!

tamdoll said...

Interesting challenge! I'm sitting here knitting with some scraps now... but not a scarf. I can't wait to see what folks come up with.