Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stripey Scrappiness

Hey there all my bloggy buddies! My past weekend at SAFF has left me completely excited about all that I saw, and all that I brought home!! I am sure you all checked out my treasure chest of yarny goodness that I last posted!!

I have been busy the past couple of evenings working on a scrappy scarf. Just garter stitch with a lot of changing of colors. So far I am liking it a lot!! There is just a lot of ends to be woven in!! But I must admit I don't mind that at all...I love to see the little clump of pieces of yarn that I clip off. Why this makes me happy, I don't know, but it does. And mixing colors that you would never think would go together is exciting. For some reason it works! It's all fibery and textury! I will have more to come on this coming soon. It is close to being done!

I thought it would be fun to share some more yarni-yumminess on this posting! Unfortunately, I didn't get to take many pictures at SAFF, I was too busy trying to juggle my purse and my yarn purchases. LOL!! But I did get a couple pictures in.

Just look at that fiber!! I did end up bringing two large skeins of this lady's yarn home with me. She dyes it and spins it herself! At 72 years of age and creating this gorgeous wool!! My God! I hope to be that cool when I grow up! She was also selling hats that she makes from her wool. She said she had no pattern, she just did them! My kinda lady. Check em out!All that texture just makes me want to drool!!! I believe the name of her shop is Crazy Daisy (I think Daisy was actually a dog she had) Her name was actually Polly.

I met so many fellow Raveler's at SAFF! Everyone that I met was so nice, I instantly loved could you not...we all had the same thing in common. An addiction for yarn!

During my ride home from SAFF I was able to finish up my crocheted ripple scarf. This is the one that I used sock yarn in. And I am so pleased with how it turned out. This is one of those patterns that I will keep in my library and use several times!

I love crocheting with sock yarn. It's so soft!

Here is a little scarf I crocheted up from a big hank of novelty yarn I bought at SAFF. It was a mixture of all kinds of fibers, ribbons, wool, fuzzy stuff, and glitzy stuff. As I was winding it I was thinking that I could make some of this out of my own stash!!! Just another idea to file in the idea library!

The North Carolina Mountains were gorgeous with that vibrant fall color and that crisp cool air! Loved every bit of it. And even though I would love to still be in the mountains, the color here at home is just as pretty! Let me share!!!

And these are just some shots around our yard! I do love me some Fall!


Bernie said...

This caught my eye on someone else's blog because tomorrow morning I am taking crocheting for the very first time. It is being offered on our Learning In Retirement Program from the University here. It lasts just four weeks I think, one day a week. I am to bring some 4 ply yarn and a G hook. After reading your blog I wonder if I will take to it like you have. My mom used to knit and crochet a lot but I never have. And my hands don't work too well. You see I already have my excuses ready if I am not any good at it.:)

Devon said...

You have been busy,,,and I love the fall pictures...thanks for sharing with us...have a great weekend..

Kar said...

Love all the goodies you got at SAFF! You always find the most wonderful colors! And let's not forget all the FAB scarves you are making. You never fail us Dawn.

Hope you have a great weekend with all that FAB yarn and the beautiful Fall colors around you!


Just Be Happy said...

the scarves are awesome, really, really nice!
you bought such nice yarn, I really love it!
I'm jealous!!!

Very Herodotus said...

Dawn, that zig-zaggy scarf? Is that kid-sized? Beanie would love it!