Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greetings Yarnsters! Just had to show you my newest neck warmer. Yes it's me again modeling it...I desperately need to gain access to a live model other than myself! Had to snap it this morning with the flash (which I usually avoid...but the dark gray morning forces me to!) Once the sun comes back out I may try to get some better pics.

I made this warmer in one of my favorite ways. Scrappies. Little bits and pieces of yarn I just can't bring myself to get rid of. It is so fun to knit and change colors randomly. I don't even mind weaving in all the ends. As you can see it's full of color and texture, and I topped it off with a couple of vintage buttons from my button tin.

I'm such a happy camper today. No back pain. This winter has been hard on my back...when that cold damp air sets in I can tell it. Once it's here I'm fine!

I have a new custom order from my etsy shop to begin once I find the right yarn. Yay! I don't get many custom orders, so I love it when one comes my way. It's for a granny square bag! I can't wait to get that first square done. You know I do love me some grannies!

So for now, I'll be on my way...doing that Wednesday thang! Ta-Ta!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Fabulous! I just love your use of color! Not sure I'd enjoy all those ends though :) You're a lovely model for all your lovely things...the colors suit you well.

Glad to hear your back is being nice.


Just Be Happy said...

I wouldn't mind having one like that either!!!

Kar said...

Very nice! I always love the colors that you end up with. I really need to expand my yarn "rainbow" just a bit.

Aussie Maria said...

Great colour combination, it looks so warm and soft

Anonymous said...

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