Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I Love This Scarf
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Lately as I have been fiercely working on an order for two wraps (which I am getting close to finishing up), my mind is drifting to scarves and Christmas presents. I pulled this picture up for some inspiration. I knit this up using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn Stripes. I'm thinking I need to do another as a Christmas gift.

Oh, if only I had more hours to my day! But how many of us do???

So, in the meantime I have pulled out more of this yarn in a different color and begun a chveron pattern knit scarfy! And I am liking it! So much that now I don't want to work on completing the last wrap I have been working on!


Not to worry, I am hoping that by this weekend I will finish up the wrap and send it on its way, and focus on some scarfy goodness!

For now, it's back to the grindstone!

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Crochet Goddess said...

Love the scarf! Great color.