Monday, January 21, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a Pair!

Tah - Dah!!  Yay!  A pair of socks.  And they fit like a freakin glove!  LOL!!   Socks have always intimidated me.  They looked so hard.  But my Biscuits (my knitting group, we call ourselves Biscuits) encouraged me.  They were all doing it, so I jumped in the pool.  I drank the Kool Aid.  I caved!  The last pair I did, which was my first, were a bit big.  So I moved down to a size 1 needle.  That was all it took!  I have purchased a good top-down sock book and am ready to jump in head first.

I am not sure if I have shared with everyone that my mother-in-law has been fighting cancer.  She has fought so hard for the past five years.  Breast Cancer, which has now spread into the lung.  Christmas and New Years left her with a hard case of pneumonia and in the hospital.  Wednesday my husband went with her back to the oncologist.  Although her doctor couldn't say that more chemo would help, she offered the suggestion in hopes to help the lung strengthen.  So she has begun another round of chemo.  

She will lose her hair.   I decided I would like to make her some chemo caps.  I will probably crochet one, but I was worried it would be too itchy.  So I got to googling and found some ideas.

So, here is what I came up with.  I popped it up with a scarf and a pin (both of which are hers).  I used old tee-shirts that Brad was getting rid of.  It is so soft and I hope it will be comfy for her.

And it is reversible!!  Here it is reversed with no bling at all. I can't give her just one!  She has to have an assortment and I have a huge pile of tee shirts to use.  I can't think of a better use!

I really like how one hat can have so many looks!

In greys.  I think this one will really look good with her complexion.

And here it is reversed.    I have a nice little collection of scarves I have picked up at thrift stores.  At the time I bought them I had designs of reusing them there ya go! 

After doing these two I realized how much gratification out of sewing these caps up and started thinking that maybe it can be something I can do for other cancer patients.  

Y'all have a great week.  If anyone is interested in some directions, I followed a little tutorial to make these.  Here are the directions.  I will mention that I went up to 23" on the measurement because the 21.5" was too tight.  

Bye for now!


Sam I Am...... said...

Dawn, they're gorgeous! I know she will really love them and so much better than the crocheted ones. My prayers are with her and your family. What a battle to fight and hard on everyone. You are so talented! They look like designer hats to me!

Unknown said...

Beautiful projects! My best wishes & hopes for a full recovery for your mother in law.

Casa Pearl said...

I know what you mean about drinking the sock Kool Aid. I love making socks.

I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL but boy those hats are wonderful and I think perfect = both stylish and comfy/soft and warm looking.

Pooch said...

I'm not a sock knitter, but it sounds like you have discovered a new project to love!

The chemo hats are so glam. How wonderful it would be to donate them to cancer patients, though I do hope they'll be available in your Etsy shop too!

May your MIL be blessed with healing strength and hope.

Melissa said...

The socks rock! I'm glad you like the koolaide! And now I want one of those hats...dets please!

sally said...

Congratulations on your PAIR of socks. I,too, created big socks my first try. If you want a good laugh check out my blog entry for may 5 2012. Don't you just love your knitting "advisors"?

Hindustanka said...

you are a great soul, I'm sure these beautiful and comfy caps will help you mother-in-law to go through chemo with more ease. wishing all the best for her recovery!
loved your socks, I also haven't tried to knit or crochet even one, but planning to make them for the next winter.
have a great day!

Meredith said...

Dawn, you are such a lovely woman. Well done on the hats, they are wonderful.
Hugs to you and psotitve wished are being sent to your MIL.

Pammy Sue said...

Your socks are so pretty! Great job, girlie. That's a nice thing you are doing for your MIL. I'm sure she will appreciate those so much. You made them look so pretty with the scarves too. It looks so comfortable. Good luck to her with this new round of treatment.

glor said...

My goodness, what beautiful hats. Made with love, you can see that in how lovely they look. So sweet, I know your MIL will surely love these. Blessings to her and your family.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Thank you for posting this. My mom is going thru chemo now and I made her one of these hats yesterday and she loved it.