Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Time Passes On

Time is passing by so quickly.   My blogging has pretty much ground to a stop with the discovery of Instagram.   Everything is so instant these days.   It has its good and bad.   The bad is it seems to have given me attention deficit, LOL!   Which in turn has made my blogging a bit lacking.

So what’s happening?  Life.  Working, home, family, and friends.   Not necessarily in that order.   I have picked up my cross stitching.   It’s been years!  Above is a little Santa I am working on.  

Check this fella out!!!  I stitched him on perforated paper.   I am a bit addicted to this perforated paper.   You stitch, then cut it out and hang it up.   My projects have been small because I can get them done and feel fabulous about my accomplishments.  LOL.

For those that have sent me messages asking how I am doing, all is well.   Phoebe is doing great.   She is now the senior dog in the family.  :(  I wish they would stay puppies!  My mom has been diagnosed with lymphoma.   We are still going through testing to see exactly what kind she has and get her on a treatment plan.   Please add her to your prayer lists!!  

It is my every intention to get back on my blog.   I know that I do enjoy it and it is fun to post all my creativity, which in turn causes more creativity.   Is anyone using an app to post to their blog?   I would be interested in knowing.  Anything to make posting easier is a plus in my book.

Phoebe says a big hello to everyone!


Charlotte said...

What is your Instagram name? Would love to follow

River Glorious said...

I've used my iPhone to post and it works.

Anonymous said...

what is your instagram name so i can follow!!