Sunday, June 8, 2008

Four Round Squares Near Completion!

Beautiful Four Round Squares

I am getting there. I have about five more of these little four round squares to complete! I love them. I can see an entire blanket done in these little squares. It would be a lot of work, but well worth it. Of all the squares I have worked on for the Babette Blanket, I think these are my favorite! My goal is to get these completed and begin on the two round's a very do-able goal. The next size is the two round squares, which will go quickly. These will be so small I am thinking that I may do them in solid colors.

Four Rounders

Aren't they happy?!!! I have decided that I need to make one of these blankets for myself. I am so glad Sebrina opened up the world of the Babette Blanket to me!

Here are some six rounders...they are very pretty, also.

Six Rounders Lined Up In Rows

You may notice that I do not crochet my squares traditionally when it comes to changing colors. I do at times, but I thought changing colors mid round would give this little blanket even more personality. I use this technique when crocheting with embroidery floss, and got hooked on it.

Here is a vest I did a while back in embroidery floss. Embroidery floss is perfect for crocheting grannies has such a pretty sheen to it. I encourage every crocheter to give it a try!

Finished Vest!!!

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