Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Ole Red Heart

Acrylic Grannies
I know, but I can't resist...I learned to crochet in the 70's, and Red Heart was I have a secret love for it. I am working on a diaper bag, so the stiff acrylic is just what I needed, and let's face it, Red Heart comes in some GREAT colors!
These are the first of my grannies for the bag. I am envisioning the style to be something similar to a old-timey carpet bag.
Acrylic Grannies
The variegated yarn has been discontinued. I loved it when I first picked it up, and my sister I know will like these colors. I am wanting the bag to be something she can use long after the baby is out of diapers!

Update on Babette!!!
Take a look! I am starting to assemble the squares. This is the most exciting part of the blanket.
Beginning to connect the first panel
I am weird, but I enjoy sewing the squares together. This is when it all comes together. I am going to have to add some panels to the blanket to get it to a larger size.
Just got my Interweave Crochet Magazine this afternoon, and it so full of great projects. Maybe when I get past these two projects I can kick back and work on something new! Always have to be planning the next thing, you know!

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