Friday, June 13, 2008


I was surfing the internet yesterday and came across this granny square blanket, which I absolutely love! It inspires me and makes me want to pick up my crochet hook.

Aren't the colors yummy??!

Yesterday, on my lunch hour I hit my local Hobby Lobby and walked out with a bag full of Red Heart Acrylic. My sister has requested a diaper bag for her newest arrival, so I am going to crochet one for her...hopefully it will be a bag she will use long after baby is out of diapers!

Started the squares last night, and I will have pictures of them posted this weekend. Also, the Babette is coming along beautifully and I have begun joining squares. Two projects at one time! This is so unlike me. I normally have to get one thing complete before starting another.


spacecraft said...

I can't imagine a life where I finished one project before starting another! :-)
My friend Annie let me to your blog and I'm so glad ... b/c everything is just amazing.

Unknown said...

Thanks this the Annie from my knitting group? If so, her knitting is awesome and she is a great girl!

spacecraft said...

Yup...Annie from knitting. Isn't she the greatest!?!?

Unknown said...

She is the best! And she keeps me laughing!

thuy said...

that's a great granny square. do you remember the website where you saw it? i'd love to see/read more about it. thanks!

btw, i found your blog through the granny square pool on flickr.

Unknown said...

thuy, so glad you found me.

The blanket was actually from an internet site which sold housewares. I immediately loved it and saved the looks pretty simple. I picked up some yarn this weekend to start one after I get the Babette finished.

I'll soon be posting pictures of my yarn selection!