Monday, July 7, 2008

Bold & Beautiful.

Well, here it is...all those squares are sewn together!! It's bold and bright, and I love it!
Only problem, this blanket measures about 33" square, so I am going to have to add panels to it to make it bigger. I am toying with the idea adding a band of panels around the blanket pulling out only the blues in the blanket, then following with another band pulling out the rust colors...?? I am having a hard time trying to decide. I thought the blues would cool it down a bit.
Finished Babette Square

It is really hard to photograph this to get the true color. But these photos are pretty true to the color. I have not yet blocked the squares or blanket, so I am pleased at how even it came together.

Pieced and Assembled!Babette Assembly
I love comments, and if anyone has any ideas on how to continue I would love to hear from you!!!

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