Sunday, July 6, 2008


Pile-O-Yarn! :-)

Aren't the colors yummy!!? I love this yarn, it is so soft and the colors are great! I picked up this yarn at Michael's last week to make a throw for myself. My grannies are all going to be different. I am just not a symmetrical person - I get so bored crocheting the same square over and over. I whipped up a few squares the other night to see if I am going to like it, and Yes! I believe I am. I think this will work up fast, and is a great little project to work on in the evenings!

To anyone wanting to crochet up a throw I highly recommend this yarn! It crochets up beautifully and it feels wonderful!!!

Babette Update!
I have started assembling squares together. Whew...what a job, but it is the most rewarding part, this is when you see all your work coming together. It is a lot of weaving in ends and sewing panels. This truly is a baby blanket!! Although I would like to consider it done, I am afraid I am going to have to crochet up more squares and add some panels to make it larger, this is a true "baby blanket" size! I have decided to keep this blanket...I lost my etsy sale on it but have grown so attached to it I don't want to part with it!! I think it is going to look like a piece of folk art when I get it finished!

It is my hope to get these panels assembled today so I can take this outside and get some good pictures of it in natural light!! It's hard to tell the size of this blanket, but those little two round squares measure just a little over an inch!!!

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