Saturday, July 19, 2008

Me & Babette

Hello, it's me and Babette....
Me & Babette

taking a break from crocheting to snap a few pictures of my progress...I have the second blue panel wrapped around my neck...makes a pretty scarf!!! I have been crocheting like crazy the past couple of nights. These outside panels seemed to have slowed me down just a bit. I think all the work will be well worth is really turning out nicely. I have been thinking ahead of how to finish the blanket off. Maybe a border of brightly colored two round squares around the entire edge? I'm not sure, I have plenty of time to think about it.

Blue Babette SquareBlue Granny Square
This is why I love granny squares so much...I think they are beautiful. How something so simple and basic can be so pretty, I will never know. I am loving the way this blue yarn is working up.

Babette - Blue Border
Working on Border

It's a pretty weekend here! Happy crocheting!

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