Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's black and white, and red all over?

No, it's not a's this yummy knit scarf! I knit it up in blocks of black, white, and red yarns. The scarf is actually a bit chunky, and ultra soft. I know it seems a bit crazy making scarves this time of year, but when the idea hits I have to get to work. I do plan on knitting more of these up as well as my "Bling-Bling" scarf. It's such enjoyable knitting, no counting, no pattern...just working in blocks and changing colors as you feel.

I really like the fuzzy-fur like effect on the bottom square.

I find this is the perfect project for using those odd skeins of novelty yarn we all have hidden in our stash... you know what I mean... just in case we may need them! I am wanting to work up a scarf in pinks and browns.

I used a black fuzzy yarn coupled with a red eyelash yarn for the band of red at the neck.
I would encourage anyone who is inspired by this to give it a try...I promise you will love it!

Sweet Lil' Phoebe

Okay, so I am one of those pet owners who can't talk enough about their pet, but all I have to say is "just look at her"! I was so happy when this little creature came into my life. I had wanted a dachshund since I was a little girl, and the way she came into our family is such a sweet story, which I will share at a later time. For now, I will let you just take in her cuteness!

I hope all have a great remainder of the week. I have a small crochet project in the works, and who knows what else I will get into!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Another beauty!


Just Be Happy said...

Love the scard, as always, your color choice is fabulous!
Now I am curious to hear about Phoebe's story...