Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finished! My Super Knitting Tote!

I get so excited when I finish a project. This is truly an original! Once I finish up one of my bags I always find things I would do differently, for instance, if I were to do this again, I would make the strap a little shorter. But I love the color and shape and the traditional black bordered granny square design. It reminds me of a carpet bag you would carry on a train to travel across the old west.

Finished Super Large Granny Square Tote!
Can you tell how big it is??! I cannot believe how much I can pack into this baby! Notice the flat bottom...and it stays that way. I sandwiched three sheets of plastic canvas and sealed them in a crocheted this is strong and can hold some weight. I also fully lined the bag with a crocheted liner. It gives the bag a great shape.

Finished Super Large Granny Square Tote!
You can see how I cinched the sides with a chain stitch cord which I laced through the top portion of the bag. I like the effect this gives and I can always loosen it if I need more room!

Finished Super Large Granny Square Tote!
You can see a skein of yarn lurking doen in the bottom of the bag. I could probably put about 9 skeins of yarn in this bag comfortably!!

Now that I have this done, I am free to work on a few Christmas goodies. I think once Christmas has passed I will drag out my Babette blanket and get it finished up. It always feels so good to finish up a project! :-D

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