Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a Great Christmas! Ours has been wonderful...although we are missing our little JD!

Here are some squares I have been working on with intention of making more hotpads, but when I laid them out on the table, well, they are just telling me they would rather go into a blanket...and I was thinking, my little niece Maya, is in need of a baby afghan from her Aunt Dawnie! I know this isn't the classic "baby" colors, but it is very soft, and what baby wouldn't like gazing at all this color!!! Who knows, maybe it will plant that creative seed in her to become an artist!
Christmas Eve, I opened a package from my folks, and this was inside!! I love this rooster! My mom knows me so well! She said when she saw it she knew she had to get it for me. Thanks mom! I have a pretty good collection of roosters, and I think this one is my new favorite!

One more peek at my squares before signing off. I have five done, and will do four more and then join them...and with a long holiday weekend I can easily see it being finished!

Peace Out!


Devon said...

OH I like the colors and what a beautiful baby blanket it would be,,I am also working on a granny square baby blanket I will have to take pictures of the squares...cant wait to see the finish product...Merry Christmas..

Alhana said...

Merry Christmas, Dawn!
Hope your little niece loves her afghan -I already do! Earth tones are my favourite.

Crochet Goddess said...

Great looking Rooster. I love the squares the colors are great and I think they will make a wonderful baby blanket.